Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sadie Madeline Beazley

My brother Brent and sister-in-law Eileen had their second child on Thursday. Sadie Madeline Beazley arrived at 8:10 a.m. on January 22, 2009 by c-section. She weighed 8 pounds 10 ounces and was 22 inches long. She has red hair and is just beautiful! She is such a sweetie and such a good little eater and sleeper. We were so excited to have another sweet little girl in the family! Jack is such a great and proud big brother! Brooks checked her out really well...he didn't know what to think about a little bitty baby! Eileen is doing wonderful!

First Haircut!

Brian had Monday off, and Brooks had his checkup with Dr. Sneed for his tubes. So, I thought I would take off to play with my boys! We ran lots of errands and decided it was finally time...the mullet had to go! I had put it off long enough. I just loved the fact that his hair would curl up in the back, but he had wings on the side, and it was just out of control. So, we took him for his first haircut. He did GREAT!!! He was so still and sweet! He did check her out a couple of times. It was like he was thinking, "what are you doing to me?" He looks so handsome now and still has some curls!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas was so much fun this year!!! We had sooo much going on between parties and family time. I always get so sad when it is all over. I was able to have a good bit of time off, which was great since Brian was off for 2 weeks. We celebrated Christmas Eve at our house with the Beazleys. Brooks absolutely LOVES being around his cousins. He squealed and ran around the whole time. Joanna, Sam and Jack are so sweet with him. This time next year, Brooks will be showing Sadie (my niece who will arrive next Thursday!) the ropes. We had a wonderful time and ate A LOT! On Christmas day, Brooks opened his presents from Mommy and Daddy and found what Santa brought him. He was so sweet opening his presents. We headed to Philadelphia that afternoon and stayed for a couple of nights. I'm not sure that Brooks stopped the entire time that we were there. Nana and Pop had tons of toys for him, and as always he loved chasing the dogs around. More fun times and lots of GREAT food!!! Brian and I are so very blessed!

Pajama day at school

Christmas Eve
Jack filmed the night...I'm sure that will be interesting to watch!
He loves his drums!
My precious parents
Having a blast with Joanna and Sam
Having so much fun in the City of Lights!
He ran and ran and ran...he didn't even want to stop for a picture with Mommy.

My boys!
Lots of laughing!
The family picture...FYI is was hot this night!
Christmas morning
He was excited about his Fridge DJ...he is the funniest little thing when he dances!
Carefully opening his presents
The 4-wheeler! He got the hang of it right off the bat!
His cars...he immediately pushed them around and said, "Vrrroooom!"
Dancing on his 4-wheeler to Carols by Candlelight
Posing in his pjs at Nana and Pop's
Mowing the grass in the kitchen
Fascinated by Nana and Pop's tree
Reading with Daddy

Thanksgiving 2008

I know, I know...I'm terrible. I'm just now posting holiday pics. Since baseball has begun, I don't have a lot of blogging time. Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving. The first couple are of Brooks' Thanksgiving party at school. I really enjoyed getting to see him playing with all his little friends at school. They just ran around in circles after they ate all those sweets! Brian's cousin Laura Leslie hosted Thanksgiving again this year. The girls beat Jon and Shane in soccer. That was fun to watch! It was a great time and fabulous food!!!

With Bobby, Pam, Jon, and Brandy

Scott, Laura Leslie, Rachel, Anna Claire and Hannah Kate
Kyra, Shane, Ally Grace and baby Lee Katherine (in Kyra's belly)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!